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How did cell therapy come about?
The concept of cell therapy goes back more than 3,500 years to ancient Egypt, but it wasn't until 1931, when Paul Niehans, working at Clinique La Prairie, in Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland, and using a suspension of cells taken from fetal sheep that the idea first took off. Niehans was an aristocrat who moved in elite circles, and over the years royal families, heads of state and movie stars flocked to his clinic. They included Marlene Dietrich, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Miles Davis and Pope Pius XII.

How does cell therapy work?
The therapeutic concept of providing sick organs with elements taken from identical healthy organs is not new. It can be traced back to the days of antiquity and also embraces Niehans' use of freeze-dried lyophilized cell therapy and organ lysate therapy. Bio-modulating cell therapy makes use of natural regulatory and metabolic substances, which are similar in animals and man to enhance health and general anti-ageing benefits.

What is Live Cell Therapy?
Cellular Therapy is a form of non-toxic, holistic medicine in which the entire organism is being treated. With cellular therapy science we treat not only the symptoms of the disease, but successfully affect the cause.

Live healthy cells are injected into the patient, resulting in refurbishing and regeneration of cells in the areas targeted, and in turn, stimulating the immune system. Live-Cell Therapy is not for replacing tissue but rather for stimulating the growth and function of existing tissue. In other words, live cells are instrumental in "waking up" dormant cells within the patient and creating new synapses and connective tissue. It can provide the exact components necessary for the injured or diseased tissue to totally heal and sometimes regenerate. Live cell therapy has several names. It is also known as cellular therapy, live protein extracts, live cell fractions, tissue extracts, organotherapy or live cell extracts.

How is Live Cell Therapy being administer for treatment?

Live Cell could be either injected or taken orally in high tech capsules form. In either Cells Injection or Oral form, do ensure it came from a fully authorized channel preferably from Government bodies or legal medical Cell Therapy professional. Especially in Oral form, the capsule will only be effective only when it’s still remains biological active through some proven technique for gently conserving biological substances, hence great care needed in selecting them.

Which Live Cells Extracts are better - Human or Animal like Sheep Extracts? Why doesn't one go for Human extracts instead of Animal?

In principle, it would have little risk of allergy if human extracts were applied onto human bodies. However, as the advancement in technology and civilization, human bodies start to contact all kinds of viruses, bacteria, heavy metal, radiation in the environment and chemical medications soon after their birth which cause lots of toxins in the cells of the human body. Some of the toxins cannot be eliminated even with high temperature, high pressure, anti-toxins programs or sterilization programs. Such toxins in the human body will remain inside. Coupled with unavoidable, uncontrollable and unhealthy dietary intake of human beings, (We are what we eat) apart from possibility of AIDS transmissions, certain European Countries & USA regulations and sanctions. Ethical and Moral Reasoning against usage of human cells extract and Animal is without the preferred choice.

Perhaps the most differentiating part would be the quality of these animals raised solely for medicament purposes in specially designed farmhouses, simply called Medical Animals (not the food animals which we raised for food consumption). Medical Animals can be controlled such as the raising environment, food and health control. We can manually control their living conditions and eliminate the negative factors for their health. Medical Animals never given antibiotics, hormones or chemicals unlike their Food Animal counterparts, Therefore, all the European pharmaceutical factories prefer animal to human. And sheep in particular are the best choice as they are cancer free, aids free and having the best immune systems compared to any other animals. In any case, it’s impossible to specially breed medical human for this purpose.

Can Plant Cells being used for Live Cells Therapy instead of Animal?

Dermacenta or Vegetal Placenta Cells generally offer the same effect of a stimulating action on increased cell renewal and is deem as a scientific substitute for animal cells extract. However, Scientifically it’s best use for regenerates and invigorates the skin, stimulating cellular renewal, improves the oxygen supply in our cell and enhance the protein synthesis in our skin to maintain it’s youthfulness.

How is Live Cells extracted from Animal or Sheep?

Even though scientists had recognized the value of live cell therapy, there was still a big problem to overcome. Extracting the important substances was excruciatingly slow. That's why the costs to go to the Clinique were so high.

Only Recently has the progress in technology made it possible to do the extraction inexpensively and quickly. This caused the cost to drop steeply to where the average person can afford this extremely beneficial therapy. You'll be amazed at what it is doing for people and what it can do for you.

Generally Live Cells are extracted from Thymus or Placenta usually of young sheep (ovine) or calves (Bovine), in either case there’s no harm done to the animals. One of the key quality factors is whether these animals are free of any diseases prior extraction. There exist 100% proven studies that demonstrate the compatibility between ovine or bovine cells and those of human beings, whereby the cells stimulate and create new cell formation, however do ensure it’s taken from specially breed medical animals from authorized sources.

Which Ailments or Diseases Can Live Cells Therapy Help?

There has been a huge increase in the number of health care products available, but live cell therapy is the only therapy that can actually regenerate cells and tissues. This is what makes it so unique. From 1954 to 1993, more than 1,500 experiments involving whole cells, cell extracts and cell fractions were published in scientific journals. For example, Chase and Landsteiner, two of the founding fathers of Cellular Immunology, conducted a number of in vivo animal experiments demonstrating that injections of whole spleen or thymus cells into live animals such as mice or guinea pigs could enhance immunity. By 1993, tens of thousands of physicians in the world had treated many thousands of patients suffering from various ailments with oral or injected live cells or dried or desiccated glandular tissue in order to restore or regenerate cells and boost function.

Live-Cell Therapy is used to treat diseases ranging from chronic skin disorders (psoriasis, eczema, some allergies) to arteriosclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cancer, congenital defects of all kinds, mental and physical retardation, Down's syndrome, narcolepsy, obesity, pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, infertility, the full spectrum of sexual dysfunctions, disorders and insufficiencies, chronic nephrosis, chronic arthritis, chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease, eye disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, narcolepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, and all kinds of auto-immune diseases. It is also used to treat neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, Parkinson's, epilepsy, and post-stroke paralysis. Other diseases treated are hereditary developmental abnormalities of bone and cartilage including dwarfism, congenital hip malformations, congential dysplasias, spinal problems, cleft lip, palate; cranial and other head malformations. Live-Cell Therapy is also used as a special program for rejuvenation and preventative treatment.


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