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MFIII BlueCell AF2

Discover this all new 2013 Swiss revolutionary high technology innovation in a luxurious exceptional formulation serum combining the blue cell substances from blue plants with multiple botanical extracts, Fresh Vegetal Placenta Cells, Super Hyaluronic Acids and essential Lipids using Cell Therapy Extraction Technology.

Beautiful Fine Textured, Vibrant, Glowing and Youthful-Looking Skins isn't an illusion. It's simply a matter of neutralizing environmental stress and other destructive factors that damaged your once beautiful skin.

Bluecell Extracts Advanced Formula 2 or Bluecell Extracts AF2 is a fast absorbing, moisturizing formula that combines the rich cellular nutrients of blue plants and several other bioactive botanical extracts and essential lipids for rejuvenation of the face, eye and neck.

If you have experienced thickness and oily residue/effects from cream-based cosmetic products, Bluecell Extracts AF2 serum gel instead gives you clean and cooling effect upon application, and does not clog pores.

MFIII Of Switzerland

Radiance, Revitalising, Rejuvenating

Bluecell AF2
New 2013 - 30ml Pack

With Bluecell Extracts AF2 combined function as a face moisturizer, eye gel and neck gel, you will no longer need to carry around multiple products for your skin.

Bluecell Extracts AF2 is beauty and convenience, all in a bottle.


Provides long-lasting hydration for a more nourished and radiant complexion.

Eye gel

Rejuvenate areas of the eyes to diminish visible signs of ageing and fatigue.

Neck gel

Apply on area of the neck to maintain an equally beautiful skin


BLUECELL AF2 is the proud achievement after years of extensive scientific researches from some of the best R&D Collaboration between Lab DoM AvMM, Switzerland with some of the renowned who-who in Skin Health Cosmeceutical Science across Switzerland, Germany & The United States, among them, winners of The Prestigious 2001 Crystal Award (The Nobel Prize Equivalent in the Beauty Industry)

Approved by Swiss Federal Office of Public Health in accordance with Swiss Inspection SIS027 and Swiss Testings STS160.



BlueCell Plant Placenta Cells



MFIII Bluecell Extract AF2

Before Before After After in Just Days



Look Young In Just Days..

Future Of Your Skin...


MFIII Bluecell AF2



Others Testimonials

Even the feel of serum unlike other serums is smoothing, light yet effective. I see visible results in less than a month…” – Erwyna Fields, United Kingdom

“For a clearer, transparent skin with a beautiful facial and neck complexion that glows, then, perhaps BlueCell is the answer for you…” – Cyrilla.O, Greece

“As a senior executive, its important to portray the clear cut look. BlueCell is a daily essential for me.” – Stephen Cheung, Shanghai China

“This Suisse innovation is unexpectedly good for our Asian skin. My Skin breathes…Even my hubby is using it on his face and neck!” – Winnie Yip, Singapore

“Remember your neck and hands too. BlueCell works tremendously well on them unexpectedly to my surprise. My hands and neck are as smooth as my face…I dread those peacock lines even on somebody’s neck!! ” – Charoenrasamee P, Bangkok Thailand

“I tried on the extra small leftover BlueCell (after applying on my face and neck) unknowingly on my left hand. To my surprise one day, I found the vast difference between both the hands. My left hand is moist, smooth and whiten while the other is so dry and wrinkled.” – Mutsumi Amgawa Kobe, Japan

MFIII BlueCell Users

BLUECELL AF2 is further laced with other exceptional effective ingredients to create a very powerful, optimizing, synergestic and boosting potent force to soften, condition and fight aging skins. These ingredients are derived from Chamomile Recutila, Super Hyaluronic Acid, Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Glycolipids, Tocopherols (Nano particles), Vegetal Placenta Cells, Fish DNA Cellular Complex and Triple active Oxygenin.

BLUECELL AF2 Extracts…. A New Dimension in Skin Rejuvenation Technology based on Swiss Cell Therapy Technology…

BlueCell is suitable for both men and women of all skin types. Non comedogenic (Does not clog skin pores). Apply at nighttime or before sleep a small amount on the facial and neck area.



  Bluecell AF2 30ml
     New 2013 30ml Bottle

Look Young and Stay Young Now!

MFIII BlueCell AF2 30ml Per Box


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Research & Formulated by:
LabDomAvmm Biotechnologies Sarl, Suisse

Manufactured In:
SWISSCAPS AG, Switzerland

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